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We connect data producers to data consumers in Life Sciences.
Sell/buy R&D data under conditions that both parties prefer.


We are your partner that helps you monetize your data. Let us create a new revenue stream for your business. 

ScientiCore will:

  • Find buyers (in Science and commercial R&D) for the valuable data you collect.

  • Inform you what buyers are looking for and how to structure your data.

  • Enable you to transact in a fast and secure way, under conditions that you prefer. 

  • Enrich your datasets with our other client's datasets to offer buyers even more value.


We work on commission. No-cure-no-pay!

If you believe your data is valuable to R&D and/or Science,
we would love to get in touch with you to find how we can support you.


We help you find and request specific data you need to further your R&D. 


ScientiCore will:

  • Capture your needs and requirements for meaningful data structures (in Life Science and commercial R&D).

  • Suggest the right available data based on your criteria.

  • Connect you to the right data producers.

  • Enable you to transact in a fast and secure way, under conditions that you prefer.

  • No commission on data purchases .

  • Safeguard your privacy!

Data Discovery, Privacy, Trust, Professionalism


About Us

Co-founded by a patent-holding scientist, an AI-specialist and a serial entrepreneur, ScientiCore's mission is to Accelerate Breakthroughs. Whether this is within Life Sciences Industry or Academia, achieving breakthroughs starts with combining the right data. Very often, the meaningful data is not only created in-house but requires external collaborations and access. We aim to be the one-stop-shop to find and request structured R&D data. One ecosystem where both Industry and Academia thrive. 


For many small and medium-sized R&D companies in Healthtech and Medtech, the collected data is a by-product and not the main business model, if at all. They know it’s valuable in principle, but this is very often where it ends. They do not know how to structure and aggregate data into meaningful data collections and make them attractive to other parties.  

They ask us: Who is looking for this data? How to price it? What other data can they reasonably capture with their tech based on outside requests? We want to take this distraction away for them. 

On the other side of the coin, we are a partner to big R&D companies, research institutes, government agencies and NGOs. With so many new R&D start-ups entering the scene every month, it's very hard to monitor what data is available, where can it be found and procured, and in what format.  We are the one-stop shop for structured R&D data, while protecting buyers and sellers identities and facilitating a secure and comfortable transaction.

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